The Hay Institute relies on volunteer human capital and financial donations to operate. If you are interested in getting involved, please check out our "Volunteer Opportunities" page and consider making a donation of any size. You are also welcome to submit your resume and cover letter via [email protected] for general consideration. 

Internal Values And Organizational Culture

Transparency: We believe that all aspects of our work and processes should be transparent to all involved and affected. We believe in engagements that are based on informed consent. While promoting an organizational culture of transparency, we will be mindful of privacy rights as well. 

2. Independence and mission: We are a mission-oriented, independent and nonpartisan institution to be a voice of reason and an advocate of factual policy analysis; while we welcome financial and organizational contributions, we will not compromise our core values and our mission in order to obtain or maintain those contributions regardless of their significance or duration.

Participatory decision-making and accountability: We encourage all those involved in any activity to assume the ownership of the project in sake and to monitor that both, the process and the outcomes, are compatible with our values and mission and are of the highest quality possible within our resources.

Empowerment: All employees are expected to push each other for individual and collective growth. We are team oriented while emphasizing individual responsibility. All team members should feel empowered after the end of their term; Leadership should ensure the professional growth of those they manage. 

5. We are a flat organization: All colleagues are peers with a different range of responsibilities and experience. We respect and learn from each others' strengths.

Flexible work schedule and style: We have deadlines and deliverables- time and quality are important and with prior agreement, the assignments can be done from anywhere and in any schedule as far as the requirements are met. 

Technology: We are inclined to use the most effective technology and practices in our work. These include project management software, communication tools, design and production platforms, and data analysis and storage tools. 

In the case of employment, we extend our core values to:

Strict equal pay policy for equal work: to achieve this goal, we would not investigate the salary history of prospect employees and would provide a specific and transparent salary range for each role. 

Zero tolerance for workplace bullying or discrimination: the Hay Institute aims to design and utilize the most effective methods and technologies of performance review, and internal evaluation and monitoring to ensure a healthy environment in which all staff can thrive, feel safe and respected.

3. Maximum benefits and pay: we aim to set a competitive base salary, benefits, and training opportunities for similar work in the nonprofit sector. 

 Recruiting and treating the team members without regard to race, gender, sexual orientation, social or economic class, physical and mental disability (to the extent that does not interfere with the core requirements of the position), age, the nationality of origin, family, parenthood, and relationship status, political affiliation, religious beliefs or immigration status as consistent with the law.

5. Accommodating different personality types: if our resources allow, we will accommodate each team member’s personality type whether they are introvert or extrovert in designing their work-scope and workspace upon request.