Knowledge Management Analyst

The Hay Institute is looking for an innovative and proactive Knowledge Management Analyst who ensures smooth transition of knowledge among different programs and departments. S/he will be assumed a key role in introducing best practices and most effective tools and methods in terms of project management, communications, data storage and etc.  


- Review/approve, maintain & manage, and retirement of knowledge, information, and data.
- Provide support on knowledge retention and transition planning to ensure improved communications.
- Develop technical solutions to complex problems.
- Determine objectives and approaches to assignment.
- Provide the transfer of knowledge sharing, so that the organization knows how, information and experience is shared inside and (as appropriate) outside the organization with clients, partners, and stakeholders.
- Promote knowledge sharing through the organization's operational business processes.
- Strengthen links between knowledge sharing and the information systems and improves integration among information systems in the organization to facilitate seamless exchange of information across systems.
- Promote collaborative tools such as activity rooms to facilitate sharing of ideas and work with internal teams and external partners.
- Provide support for the establishment and nurturing of communities of practice, including workshops, one-on-one guidance, and troubleshooting.
- Share experiences across communities of practice, business units, and networks on innovative approaches in knowledge sharing, including preparation of case studies.
- Help to monitor and evaluate the knowledge sharing program, including external benchmarking and evaluation programs/opportunities.
- Maintain communications on knowledge sharing across the organization, participation in orientation and training sessions, and preparation of brochures/presentations.
- Familiarity with developing and delivering knowledge sharing programs and with the institute’s or customer's information infrastructure.
- Experience in establishing effective partnerships within and outside the organization.


Please send your resume and cover letter to [email protected] Please put the title of this position (Knowledge Management Analyst) as the email subject line.