Roundtable Series

Roundtable Series

At the Hay Institute, we seek to build a bridge between those with differing views to reach a deeper understanding of human security issues and to create a generation of experts and policy-makers who deploy a human security lens in their analysis of politics of different levels.  With partisanship storming important policy-making issues, challenges undermining the productivity of international aid, and the increasing need to raise awareness around the mental health issues surrendering trauma, these Roundtables will convene government leadership, the private sector, nonprofits, and academia to explore the practical benefit of policy-making based on human security approach.

These Roundtables will be held in small size and the participation is by invitation. Topics that are in the interest of wider audience will be held in a panel format and open to the public. If you would like to attend, speak at, co-host, sponsor and for a media inquiry, please contact us at [email protected]

The 2019 Roundtables Series

Opening Panel (1) - Human Security as a Policy Paradigm: A Better Strategy for Decision-makers


                       - Colleen Creighton, Executive Director at the American Association of Suicidology
                       - Nick Hart, Ph.D., Director of Evidence Project at the Bipartisan Policy Center
                       - Carlos D. Rodriguez, Chair of the International Trade and Finance Discussion Group at the YPFP


                      - Scott Weiner, Ph.D., Founding Board Member at the Hay Institute

                       DATE: February 28, 2019, at 6 -7:30 PM
                       LOCATION: the U.S. Senate Dirksen Office Building (SD-562) 

Roundtable (2) - Immigration Policy, Human-Trafficking, Trauma, and Refugee Crisis

Roundtable (3) - Role of Technology in Improving Human Security 

Roundtable (4) - Small Business, Women Economic Empowerment, and Community Security

Roundtable (5) - Political and Social Crisis, Media Coverage, and Public Health

Roundtable (6) - Open Data, Digital Privacy, and National Security

Roundtable (7) - Challenges Facing Human Rights Advocacy

Roundtable (8) - Human Security in an Age of Illiberalism

Roundtable (9) - Human Security At Home: Challenges Facing Americans

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