Roundtable Series

Roundtable Series

At the Hay Institute, we seek to build a bridge between those with differing views to reach a deeper understanding of human security issues and to create a generation of experts and policy-makers who deploy a human security lens in their analysis of politics of different levels. These Roundtables will convene government leadership, the private sector, nonprofits, and academia to explore the practical benefit of policy-making based on human security approach.

These Roundtables will be held in small size and the participation is by invitation. If you would like to attend, speak at, co-host, sponsor and for a media inquiry, please contact us at [email protected]

The 2019 Roundtables Series

Roundtable (1) - Human Security and Policy-Making

Roundtable (2) - Immigration Policy, Human-Trafficking, Trauma, and Refugee Crisis

Roundtable (3) - Small Business and Community Security

Roundtable (4) - Political and Social Crisis, Media Coverage, and Public Health

Roundtable (5) - Open Data, Digital Privacy, and National Security

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