Talent Acquisition and Management Director

One of our strategic priorities is to design and implement a professional development program that provides ongoing feedback and coaching to each team member at the Hay Institute. We are looking for a Head of Talent to design and deliver an innovative program that meets the unique needs of everybody at our team.

As the Head of Talent, you will be responsible for enabling the professional growth of all individual team members through coaching and other support, leading a recruiting strategy and managing the Recruitment and Talent Coordinator to ensure that we hire the best and most competent people possible, leading the overall organizational health of the Hay Institute and maintaining an engaging, collaborative, and inclusive culture.

You will report to the VP of Operations and be part of the leadership team at the Hay Institute. In this capacity, you will contribute to the overall strategy and operational priorities of the organization as a whole and serve as a primary thought partner to the VP of Operations and other leadership team members on issues of organizational health and effectiveness. You will have the opportunity to flag any misbehavior even if it comes from most senior members of the leadership team!

Specific responsibilities will include:

- Career Development and Performance Management-- Build, implement, and oversee a talent development system. Ensure that our employees are building their skills, highly engaged/satisfied, fairly compensated, and thriving and contributing in their roles:

- Support career development and employee learning for each staff member through coaching and other supports
- Improve on our current employee feedback system to deliver both formative and summative feedback from multiple inputs (eg, peers, partners, managers) and instill a culture of open feedback and support across the organization
- Provide consultation, guidance, and coaching to managers to ensure all team members have the support they need and address behavior and performance concerns
- Manage new staff onboarding and ensure that each new employee has tools and resources needed to set them up for success
- Maintain a compensation structure that ensures all team members are fairly compensated and top performing talent is rewarded

Recruiting, Hiring, and Onboarding Improve and oversee a talent acquisition strategy and manage the talent acquisition process from beginning to end so that it results in quality hires with a focus on diversity across all dimensions, including direct management of the Recruitment and Talent Coordinator in execution of strategy and plans:

- Maintain an organizational staffing plan and implement a sourcing strategy to meet current staffing needs
- Support hiring managers in development of job descriptions and hiring profiles
- Organize a strategic outreach program to promote the Hay Institute brand and network with candidates through all high impact channels and partners
- Oversee execution of the interview process and help assess candidate quality, skills and fit; maintain effective relationships with candidates through the process and support negotiations and offers; ensure staff understands the process and is well trained to support it

Culture and Communications-- Be the steward of the culture to ensure that the Hay Institute continues to be a great place to work:

- Work with the leadership team to facilitate a positive, purposeful, and productive culture that is grounded in our core values
- Lead staff events to celebrate our successes and continue to
- Foster a healthy environment of diversity and inclusion

Our Ideal Candidate Also:

- Is a trustworthy coach and listener for all members regardless of their positions -- gets a thrill out of seeing others develop and does it well; listens actively, leads with empathy, and seeks to understand
- Is comfortable with a startup environment -- effectively navigates ambiguity, relentlessly drives to results, and maintains an optimistic point of view
- Is data driven -- comfortable digging into the numbers and facts (both qualitative and quantitative data) to fully understand what’s going on and
- Has a growth mindset -- willing and able to try new things, seeks out and welcomes feedback, and learns from mistakes
Has experience in talent management and recruiting, including significant experience coaching team members of all experience levels
- Knows best practices and most effective methods to create and maintain safe and inclusive spaces


Please send your resume and cover letter to [email protected] Please put the title of this position (Talent Acquisition and Management Director) as the email subject line.