The Hay Journal

The  Hay  Journal

The Hay Journal is a quarterly publication that aims to create an intellectual platform to stimulate academic, scientific, and research-based on different aspects of Human Security under three thematic areas: 

1. Trauma impacting both combatants and noncombatants;
2.  Beneficiary-focused international aid that emphasizes on local accountability and responsibility;
3. Policymaking through a human security lens.

The submissions can be on the following topics but not limited to:

- Sustainable Development;
- Armed Conflicts;
- Humanitarian Law;
- Disarmament;
- Cyber Security;
- Innovation, Science, and Data for Human Security
- The War on Drugs;
- Judicial Justice;
- Public Safety and Law Enforcement;
- Health Care;
- Global Security;
- Trauma and Post-Traumatic Syndromes

The first issue of the Hay Journal is scheduled to be published electronically in Winter 2019. For submission, learning more about the timelines and requirements, and other inquiries, please contact via the following form:

Dr. Alex Braithwaite

Alex Braithwaite is Professor of International Relations and Director of the Ph.D. program at the University of Arizona.
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Managing Editor: 
Adam Khan 

Adam has a successful track record of expreince in private sector and academic research settings as a raising young leader.
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